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A look into our exclusive collection of premium Agapanthus, Allium, Amarine and Nerine, ready to rock your world.

All about Allium

Alliums, also knows as “ornamental onions”, are nature’s wild child and our favourite kind of flower. There’s a ton of different varieties, each with a unique, bold look. No matter which variety you choose our top-notch Allium flowers will rock your world. If you love cut flowers, are looking for a unique bouquet flower, or searching for impressive flowers to jazz up your event, you need… Alliums!

The genus Allium is a flowering plant in the grass family. There are nearly a thousand species within this genus and it is perhaps best known to humans for the delicious garlic, onions, and leeks that are enjoyed everywhere in the world. Occurring naturally in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, Alliums have been cultivated and appreciated since the dawn of history. Ancient Egyptians considered it a religious symbol and it is frequently seen in tomb paintings, Ayurvedic medicine holds garlic to be one it’s oldest treatments, and one of the oldest cookbooks still known to us, the Roman test ‘Apicius’, written two millennia ago, has four recipes for leek dishes.

A Feast for the Eyes

But the Allium family is much more than onions and leeks. Although known as ‘ornamental onions’, the world of Alliums is much more than culinary cultivars, even if it’s scientific name of Allium is what the Romans called garlic. Alliums bring unique and bold visual flavor to your life, which is why it’s our favorite flower.

The Purple Rainbow

Are you looking for a gentle yet attention grabbing way to weave a soft purple pastel into an arrangement? Or perhaps you require a deep purple that still retains a lively spirit? The wide ranging palette of Alliums makes them your go-to flower when you’ve got purple on the mind.

Alliums range in color from a shy lilac all the way to bright and bold purple. If vivid purple or gentle violet isn’t what you are looking for, perhaps White Empress is more to your taste. If you are feeling adventurous, consider the black and white Nigrum.

Perfected by Cultivars

It’s not just colors that have been teased out of the enigmatic Allium; the shape of the Allium has been sculpted by generations of skilled growers. Browse our selection of Alliums and familiarize yourself with our garden of charming delights, from the fireworks-like Schubertii to the prim and reliable Dutchman. Over there you’ll see the fascinating Cepa Judith with her elegant pointed hat, and next to her is the paintbrush-esque Purple Rain.

Alliums for Everyday, Alliums for Special Days

Alliums are a sophisticated but fun choice for wedding bouquets and arrangements, especially when it’s a fun-loving couple that wants to bring some buoyant cheer to their celebrations. Alliums are equally at home in a stylish arrangement or even solo in a vase. They are an easy way to add some joy to your daily life as well as take part in a special occasion.

Our garden is always growing and we’d love to have you stop by frequently and see what kind of alliums sprout up. They’re our pride and joy and sharing them with the world makes us smile. We hope the colorful and versatile Allium makes you smile too.

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