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All about Nerine

Belonging to the Amaryllidaceae genus, Nerines are perennial plants native to South Africa. There are a few dozen Nerine species and most of them are available as bulbs or cut flowers. Nerines grow wild in harsh and rocky landscapes. They are a relative newcomer to the European marketplace, having only been described as a species in 1820. Although now widely grown and hybridized commercially, not much is known about their biology. Wild species of the Nerine are now at risk of extinction as a result of the destruction of their natural habitats.

A Show Stopping Blossom

The delicate-looking Nerine, also known as the Jersey Lily, Guernsey Lily, or Spider Lily, will charm you with it’s sleek and femine beauty. This lovely flower will strike a pose in it’s brightly colored petals and even twinkles with a sparking sheen. Once you get to know Nerines you’ll be amazed to learn that this flower has only recently come back into the marketplace due to the diligence of one of our growers.

Nerines will eagerly jump into the spotlight of your next arrangement. Don’t let this alluring beauty slip past you. Take a moment to get acquainted with the gorgeous and glittery Nerine.

Captivating Colors

Dressed in shades of red, pink, and white, Nerines will grab your attention and hold it. Nerine’s wardrobe spans the red/pink palette from the deep wine shade of the Elegance Amor cultivar to the classic pink of Varia and the pale blush pink of Vestia K variety. There’s even the spotless white of Like A Virgin.

What really gives Nerines their sparkle, however, is the subtle yet radiant sheen on it’s petals. Nerines will dazzle the eye in an arrangement but also shine on their own. A single large Nerine is an easy way to add colorful delight to any space.

Lily Lovers Rejoice

Although not a true lily, despite the common names, Nerines certainly are reminiscent of lilies. Nerines have six to twelve curled florets and will provide a lavish spray of color to any arrangement. Nerines also shine on their own as well, and a single Nerine or even a bouquet of this breathtaking blooms will turn heads and spark cheerfulness from recipients.

Enchanted Autumn

When the lazy days of summer meld into the crisp air of autumn we welcome the romantic but surprisingly hardy Nerine back into our lives. The beauty and elegance of this femine flower makes it an ideal for an autumn wedding. Nerines are also well suited for contemporary designs and mixed bouquets.

Get to know the rediscovered beauty of Nerines and you’ll find unlimited potential for this sleek starlet.

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