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A look into our exclusive collection of premium Agapanthus, Allium, Amarine and Nerine, ready to rock your world.

All about Amarines

You will be hard pressed to find an Amarine growing wild; this hybrid of the Amaryllis and Nerine genuses was created for the cut flower market, although Amarine bulbs are now commercially available for home growers as well. Amarines bloom in the autumn, which is making them a fast favorite in gardens. They are a hardy and large plant that requires sufficient drainage, which leads them to being frequently potted or grown in raised beds in home gardens. Amarines love the sun and it’s bright pink colour is an unusual (but welcome) addition to a fall garden.

Grown to Perfection

Amarines are a hybrid of Amaryllis and Nerine cultivars and we are pleased as punch to offer this special and eye-catching flower to you. It’s name is a portmanteau of it’s parent flowers – ‘Ama’ from Amaryllis and ‘rine’ from Nerine. This free-wheeling child of Amaryllis and Nerine captures the splendor of it’s namesakes with large and colorful blooms, but is also hardy and reliable.

Our growers have mastered this noteworthy addition to the language of floral arrangements. Have a look at our selection of Amarines and we promise you won’t be disappointed. We think that you’ll find that Amarines have a bright future in your designs.

Perfectly Pink

The femine and graceful blooms of Amarines are radiantly pink. However, ‘pink’ alone isn’t enough to do these gorgeous flowers justice. The fun and flirty Anastasia variety has a fuschia tint to it’s long petals. Paris’s petals are shaded, with magenta in the center and creamy blush pink on the side. And the pale delicate pink of Emmanuelle is very romantic, making it a perfect choice for a wedding arrangement.

Bountiful Blooms

Amarine’s large and generous blossoms will make you sit up and take notice when they enter the room. Long, ribbony petals speak of an accessible elegance that will add stylish exuberance to a room or really light up a special celebration. The shape of Amarine’s blossoms are halfway between a star and a trumpet. The blooms are lily-like, but distinctive enough to be in their own class.

A Real Headturner

Both festive and romantic, Amarines are a perfect choice for a chic wedding for a fashionable couple. A few Amarines in a wedding bouquet will imbue it with a powerful pink, but a bouquet where they are the star will draw eyes and not let go.

Amarines bring a touch of playful joy in an arrangement, but when presented on their own they can really take your breath away. A single Amarine in a vase will wow the viewer, and keeping in mind that they last up to two weeks with proper care, it’s a no-brainer that the Amarine will grow on you. These amazing flowers are available from late summer to fall.

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