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All about Agapanthus

Agapanthus is a unique member of its subgenus, Agapanthoideae, because it is the only flowering member. Agapanthus was brought back to Europe by the Dutch East India Company four centuries ago and since then it has taken root all over the world, both literally and figuratively. Although its native habitat is Southern Africa, it now grows all over the world in both cultivated and wild forms. Agapanthus thrives in warm and sunny places, such as Spain, California, Mexico, and Australia. This has led to the mistaken belief that it is native to those places.

The Lovely Flower

The scientific word for this lovely flower is extremely apt – Agapanthus literally means ‘lovely flower’ in Greek. Sometimes called ‘African Lily’ or ‘Lily of the Nile’, Agapanthuses carry themselves with class and style and bring an atmosphere of elegance wherever it goes.

The subtle glory of this graceful bloom is evident upon viewing it – a multitude of dainty buds emerge from a long stem, giving Agapanthus a dignified but still warm appearance. Alone or with companions, Agapanthus truly is a lovely flower.

Summertime Sunshine

Available in energetic, healthy blues and crisp whites, Agapanthus sings a song of summer. Agapanthus will take you to a Blue Heaven or White Heaven, depending on your tastes, or why not both? Mix and match these cheery notes of a hot summer day either with each other or with the purple hues of Alliums, their natural pairing. A bouquet of Agapanthus and Alliums are a fresh way to bring the radiant glow of summer into your hands.

Airy and Elegant Shape

Much like a clear day in midsummer, Agapanthus imparts a soothing airness to the environment. It’s long and slender stem is crowned with funnel-shaped flowers. It’s long height is a plus when looking for components for mixed and innovative arrangements.

The simple elegance of Agapanthus’ shape opens it up to an endless array of uses, both alone or with friends. Agapanthus has a strong structure and can be used in either traditional bouquets or in more experimental arrangements.

Agapanthus Goes Where Love is Needed

The splendid natural beauty of the Agapanthus can translate into a clean expression of strong love. Placing Agapanthus in a bridal bouquet or arrangement makes a statement of enduring love and is stylish and modern as well. A hand-tied bouquet featuring Agapanthus, or even exclusively Agapanthus, is a dazzling way to show love for the recipient. Even a funeral arrangement can benefit from the refined architecture of the Agapanthus.

We hope that you find Agapanthus as striking as we do. It truly is a lovely flower and it is our pleasure to help in bringing to the world, one bouquet at a time.

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