Red Mohican

Spellbinding Red With a Surprise

Red Mohican is not your average Allium, not by a long shot. This burgundy red Allium transforms when it blooms with a dusting of small white flowers. Red Mohican will really wow you with its astonishing display.

The Red Mohican is a dramatic and unforgettable Allium. Unlike its more traditionally floral cousins, Red Mohican first grabs your attention with its deep burgundy red head and then finishes off with a spray of white tiny buds when it comes time to flower. The contrast between the burgundy and the white is striking and is further highlighted by its slender stem. The Red Mohican is a stand-out Allium that easily places a dramatic flair in an arrangement. When by itself, as a single flower or a collection of them, the Red Mohican will undoubtedly be a conversation starter. Part of why we love Alliums is due to their wide variety, and we’re happy to share with you this example of the diversity of Alliums.

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Red Mohican

Red Mohican

Burgundy Red

Stem size

85 - cm

Flower diameter

10 cm

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Red Mohican

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