On an adventure

We're a club of adventurous growers, joined by traders and florists. Together, we're building a bright future for these fantastic flowers. 

About All I Am

How it began

It began with love at first sight. We fell in love with the revolutionary beauty of Allium, Nerine and Agapanthus, and we were shocked to discover most varieties are hardly known, even difficult to come by. Too often these fantastic flowers are underdogs at auctions, unseen (and unloved) by the public. The time is right for a revolution: Allium, Nerine and Agapanthus are ready to rock your world (and brighten up your day).

About All I Am

The future

We passionately believe Allium, Nerine and Agapanthus are tomorrow’s must-have flowers. From wedding party to cat walk, these flowers are going to conquer the world. That’s why All I Am brings together the tallest, biggest, most spectacular flowers, by the world’s best growers.

About All I Am

Dream tall

Become a part of the revolution and join All I Am. You’ll get access to our network of world-class growers, traders and florists. We share knowledge, innovate together and explore ways to reach new audiences. If you’d like we handle marketing, sales and shipping – we have over a decade of experience in the international flower trade.

In other words; make tall dreams a reality with All I Am!

Discover our story

About All I Am

A thrilling adventure by the world’s greatest Allium, Nerine and Agapanthus growers. We’re on a mission to introduce the world to these fantastic, out-of-this-world-beautiful flowers.

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