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The flower fields of Ben Jansen in Heemskerk are home to a flower nursery since 1955. That's when Ben's father started growing flowers there. In 1994 Ben took over the family business, naming the nursery Tunezo; a combination of Tulips, Nerines and Zomerbloemen (summer flowers).



Tunezo strives to be the best of the best, and that ambition clearly shows in their products. All are exquisite, unique flowers. Ben experiments with Nerines in his mobile greenhouse, relentlessly searching for new varieties and cross breeds. It makes for an innovative, refreshing assortment of flowers.


Sometimes, it takes a bit of patience to get the ultimate in quality. It can particularly tough for a driven grower such as Ben, who would like to see results the very same day. But nature’s hand can’t be forced. So Ben offers his Nerine all of his care and attention, never rushing the processing of his flowers. That’s why his flowers are of a stunning quality, always. Patience is a beautiful thing, but not half as beautiful as the Nerines grown by Tunezo.


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