Hulst-Wiranda - Perfection from bulb to vase

Hulst-Wiranda is a real family business. Founded by Sjors van der Hulst's father, but now owned by Sjors and his wife Sandra.

From bulbs to flowers

Sjors’ father once started a bulb nursery. But Sjors loves flowers more than flower bulbs, so since he took over the company with his wife, they have increasingly focused on growing the most amazing flowers. They are now an established name and are known for their exclusive varieties and high quality.


Sjors and Sandra have a passion for flowers. They have new varieties every year and their flower collection is very diverse. With their extensive product knowledge and experience, they grow the most beautiful flowers that surprise us year after year.

From garden to vase

Sandra is responsible for processing the flowers within the company. Together, Sjors and Sandra deliver a top product from garden to vase!

Join the revolution

We’re always looking for the best growers, traders and florists. Together we can offer more varieties and larger volumes to a bigger audience. Are you ready to go tall? Let’s talk!

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A thrilling adventure by the world’s greatest Allium, Nerine and Agapanthus growers. We’re on a mission to introduce the world to these fantastic, out-of-this-world-beautiful flowers.

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