Bas van Keulen - A brilliant challenge

Bas is a quiet man, but gets passionate and enthusiastic when he talks about his Nerines. Top-notch flowers, in fantastic shades and shapes. Bas: "To me, every flower is a brilliant challenge!"

Bas van Keulen


The family business was launched in the 70’s by Bas’ father, who began growing high quality Nerines. As a child, Bas spent his days helping out in the flower fields. And, as it goes, he inherited his father’s passion for Nerines. It never skips a generation, it seems!

A sport of sorts

Throughout the years Bas expanded and improved his assortment. He perfected the art of growing Nerines, now being able to offer Nerines nearly year-round. Breeding and improving new varieties is something of a sport to him: with endless patience he creates remarkable, exclusive cross breeds. He works to strengthen and expand the market, and with great success. He introduced new colours and varieties, such as Amarine Belladiva, a cross breed between Nerine and Amaryllis.

Every day is different

The rich colours and elegant shapes of his flowers inspire him daily, Bas tells us. “Every day is different, and every flower to me is a new, brilliant challenge!”

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Bas van Keulen

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