Peter Langedijk - Dream big

With great care, Peter grows larger-than-life Alliums that are truly unlike anything you've seen before!

World class

In the heart of West Friesland, a stone’s throw from tiny village Andijk, we find Peter Langedijk growing his world class Alliums. Quietly, without making a lot of noise about it, but with a twinkle in his eyes.

Top athlete

When Peter talks about his craft, and about ‘his Alliums’, he does so with a visible, contageous joy and enthusiasm. Here is a grower whose heart is filled with beautiful Alliums, from new cross breeds to unique varieties and innovative ways to grow bigger flowers. Every sentence shows an incredible passion and love for Alliums. Each season he gives it his all to achieve fantastic results, much like a top athlete who strives for perfection.

Large-flowering Allium

Peter’s business specialises in large flowering Alliums. And by large, we mean: really large. He grows Ambassador and Giganteum, some of the largest, most beautiful varieties of Allium available. In 2019 his fields even produce Giganteum with a biggest possible globe size; and we believe it’s only the beginning!


Results like these demand talent, passion and a whole lot of experience. After some difficult, but educational, years at the beginning of his career, Peter now has a vast wealth of skill and knowledge about Alliums and the business of cultivating. With that, he guarantees flowers of the highest quality, year after year. Considering the large number of flowers he cultivates, that’s truly an amazing accomplishment.

In conclusion

On behalf of everyone at All I Am, welcome to the family!

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