J.M. van Berkel - Alliums for life

Two daring brothers growing fantastic Alliums, with craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. They're in it for life.

J.M. van Berkel

Netherlands and Spain

Nursery J.M. van Berkel in Hillegom was founded in 1957 by Jaap van Berkel. In 1977 Sjon van Berkel took over the management and in 1979 his brother Sjaak joined the company. In 1981 they became the new owners. The name remained the same, the products only got better. They grow fantastic Alliums, some in the Netherlands and some in Spain, together with a Spanish cooperation.

Two brothers

Sjon and Sjaak complement each other perfectly. Sjon focuses on the cultivation of the products, Sjaak makes sure the flowers find the best way to market.


The products speak for themselves, but their success certainly also has to do with the relationship of trust between the brothers, but also between them and the customers. “We do not shy away from challenges, but we try to exclude major risks as much as possible.” If the feeling is not right, then Sjon and Sjaak are not doing business. But if the trust is there, then you know what to do with them. “We are straightforward, we don’t mince words. A deal is a deal.”

Creative solutions

We are proud to partner with J.M. van Berkel. The nursery can produce large volumes, delivers top products and is customer-oriented. Sjaak and Sjon take personal interest in their customers, and are happy to come up with creative solutions. In 2010 the company won the Dutch Flower Award.


The van Berkel brothers are satisfied with how things are going. Expansion is not necessary for the time being. The flower world is changing; they expect the large customers to eventually take over the smaller ones. They want to respond to that.

For life

At the moment there is no successor lined up. Sjaak: “Growing flowers is in our blood. It’s always on your mind, any time of day. And I think it’s for life.” Laughing: “I learned that from my father.”

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